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visionOS 1.1: What you need to know about the upcoming update

The latest visionOS 1.1 update for Apple’s spatial computing headset will have bug fixes you may want to know about.

Since the Apple Vision Pro has been made available to the public, a handful of people got the opportunity to get their hands on the headset and try it out. Similarly to any product release, there were some initial bugs with this one. Luckily, Apple posted the release candidate for the new visionOS 1.1 update yesterday, which outlines the many fixes in the latest software version for the headset. Here are some key updates that you should know about.

Update #1: Siri not working

visionOS 1.1 - Siri
Image courtesy of Apple

As with any Apple device, Vision Pro should have Siri available to answer your questions and help you control the ecosystem properly. In the initial 1.0 release, some people reported it not working when they got access to the Vision Pro. In addition to that, developers were not able to invoke Siri in the Simulator when developing Vision Pro. These issues have been resolved in the latest update of the visionOS software, and you will be able to use Siri again.

Update #2: pASSCODES AND Passkeys

visionOS 1.1 - Passcodes and Passkeys
Image courtesy of Apple

Logging into your device and accounts is one of the essential things to be able to use them. Some people have reported password lockouts under this discussion thread. Moreover, there were bugs where users couldn’t unlock your Vision Pro if their passcode contained diacratics, and the passcode UI was not being obscured in screen recording or sharing. Finally, registering passkeys wasn’t working on certain sites. visionOS 1.1 fixes these various bugs relating to passcodes and passkeys.


visionOS 1.1 - UI fixes
Image courtesy of Apple

A smooth and easy-to-use UI interface helps make sure that you have the best experience while using your Vision Pro. The latest update by Apple brings forward different fixes in UI frameworks such as SwiftUI . For example, the size of navigation bar display titles now renders correctly based on the title mode. In addition to that, text labels on the Vision Pro only supported semantic colors, but now support all colors. The latest update will be introducing these slights changes.

We hope you enjoyed this preview of what’s to come in the latest update for the Apple Vision Pro. If you would like to read more about this, then make sure to check the official release candidate that Apple posted on their website. Please don’t hesistate to join our newsletter as it will contain many updates on the Vision Pro Blog. Until next time!

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