visionOS 2.0

visionOS 2.0: What you need to know about the latest update

Apple just announced its latest update, visionOS 2.0, for the Vision Pro at WWDC24, and there are some serious new features you may want to know about!

Today marks an important day for the spatial computing industry. At the 2024 edition of its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple offered a preview of the latest update for its Vision Pro, visionOS 2.0. This new update introduces a comprehensive improvement to the software of Apple’s latest platform.

Spatial Photos

Image courtesy of Apple

The first feature Apple introduced at its developer conference was Spatial Photos, which allows you to see the pictures you have captured in a spatial environment. You can access this feature through a simple tap, and a machine learning model will derive a left and a right-eye view for the image that you want to look at. This will let you experience your pictures with depth and vibrance.

Persona Improvements

Upon the Vision Pro’s initial release, the Persona feature caught the attention of many enthusiasts and received coverage on The Vision Pro Blog. This feature allows you to get a real-life representation of yourself that you can use in the 3D world. With visionOS 2.0, there has been an improvement to Personas which will make your Persona more fluid and lively.

Travel Mode

Do you tend to travel a lot and like to take your Vision Pro with you on trips? Travel Mode allows you to block external distractions to have a serene productivity or entertainment environment. In visionOS 2.0, Apple has added train support to Travel Mode, making long commutes more comfortable. Therefore, you can now start to enjoy a more relaxing environment when traveling.

Mac Virtual Display

If you aren’t a big proponent of spatial computing productivity yet, you may want to reconsider. That’s because Apple introduced a new feature at its event that significantly enhances Mac integration for the Vision Pro. With Mac Virtual Display, you can now create an ultra-wide, expandable, virtual display connected to your laptop. This will allow you to work in a comfortable environment and could be a major reason to buy a Vision Pro.

Developer Support

Image courtesy of Apple

Finally, Apple is enhancing the platform that its developers use to create applications. At the event, introduced three new libraries for developers to use, including Volumetric APIs, TabletopKit, and Enterprise APIs. These additions will allow improvements in the platform by giving developers more tools to work with. By making this move, Apple is ensuring that its platform continues to be preferred over other competitors in the world of spatial computing.

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