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Reasons you will want to have the Apple Vision Pro

With regular updates, new applications, and a powerful ecosystem, you may want to get your hands on one of these headsets.

Since the release of the Apple Vision Pro on February 2, there have been many examples online of how this latest device by Apple can be put into use. The new world of spatial computing that is introduced by this platform is capable of doing many things that weren’t possible on other devices. This person on Reddit was able to stream a game from his PC at a resolution of 5120×2160! In this article, we will be looking at some reasons you may want to have a Vision Pro.


Image courtesy of MacRumors

Although visionOS is still in Beta, Apple seems to focus on regularly releasing updates for its platform. Over the past two weeks, it has released two versions of the operating system it uses for its latest platform: visionOS 1.1 Beta 2 and visionOS 1.1 Beta 3. These new updates introduce new features such as resetting your password right from the Vision Pro instead of having to go to an Apple Store. In addition to that, there have been fixes for app crashes, passkeys not working on certain websites, and eye tracking when enrolling for Personas. You can look at a full list of new features known issues, and resolved issues at the following link: visionOS 1.1 Beta 3 Release Notes.

New Applications

Vision Pro
Image courtesy of Jukebox

With developers having access to the visionOS SDK for developing apps on Vision Pro, there have been cool examples of what is possible on this new platform. This person on Reddit posted about an application that they developed called Jukebox that allows you to look at music albums in a spatial environment. You can pin your album covers on walls, and pick between songs by pressing on their titles! In the future, we will be seeing more applications being released that highlight what the Vision Pro is capable of.


Image Courtesy of Apple

Finally, as with any Apple product, the Vision Pro takes advantage of the rich ecosystem that the tech company has. This means that you can use your other Apple devices such as the iPhone seamlessly. For example, one of the cool features is the ability to share your Macbook Pro or Mac screen with your Apple Vision Pro. You can also link your iCloud account to the headset to get access to all other Apple applications such as Photos, Messages, and Music. This allows for more productivity straight from the comfort of your device.

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