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How Personas Will Change The Way People Facetime

This new feature by Apple generates a realistic model of your appearance to use in the Vision Pro ecosystem.

On February 2nd, 2024, Apple finally released its headset: the Apple Vision Pro. With it came Personas, “a dynamic, natural representation of your face and hand movements that allows others to see you while you’re using Apple Vision Pro for FaceTime and other videoconferencing apps.”. This brought forward a new way of facetiming others in the Apple ecosystem.

At first, people were confused about this new feature because, well, it didn’t make you look that good. You got an imperfect recreation of your face in a three-dimensional environment. One would ideally want this to be a mirror of you that closely resembles you. But, with the release of new versions such as the visionOS Beta 1.1, people are realizing now that this technology is getting better and that the characters that are being presented through Personas became more realistic looking.

Before (visionOS 1.0) and After (vision 1.1) Courtesy of u/Zacitus on Reddit
In-Person Technology

Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee showcased a feature of Personas where, whenever you are in the same person as someone else with a Vision Pro, you can overlay their Persona character on their face and they can do the same for you as well! This is a small example of how this technology can be applied to the world of spatial computing. Slowly, as things progress, this may create new ways we interact socially.

Future Adaptability

A new feature such as Personas may mean more integration in the future. Apple may introduce new applications that use Personas and provide developer support for this. From this feature, one can only imagine the limitless number of possibilities that can be implemented with virtual characters called Personas in the realm of spatial computing.


Set up your Persona (beta) on Apple Vision Pro

Capture and edit your Persona (beta) on Apple Vision Pro

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