Piano on the Vision Pro

The top 10 Vision Pro apps that you need to know about

Explore the top 10 Vision Pro apps that the platform has to offer including live concerts, recipe management, Fruit Ninja, and AI companions!

When Apple released its headset, it announced that there would be a new “era of spatial computing”. With so many people using the device and exploring its abilities, we are going to be exploring the top 10 applications that the platform has to offer.

AmazeVR Concerts

Amaze VR Concerts

Best Spatial Music Experience

AmazeVR is an immersive experience application that lets you watch your favorite artists’ concerts on the Vision Pro. Renowned artists Zara Larsson, T-Pain, and Meghan Thee Stallion are available on the platform for you to watch concerts from.


Best Recipe Manager

Crouton is a recipe management and meal planning application on the Vision Pro with built-in features such as reading recipes from OCR, step-by-step cooking, and timers. The application allows you to use recipes from websites such as Bon Appétit and Budget Bytes.


Best DJ App & AI Mixer

Djay is a DJ & AI mixing application on the Vision Pro with support for 3D turntables, floating vinyl collection, and 3D drag and drop. The platform offers full integration with Apple Music to allow you to mix from a library of over 100 million songs.

Game Room

Best Board Games

Game Room is a classic game application that allows you to play chess, solitaire, and hearts on the Vision Pro. It’s part of the Apple Arcade collection and supports single-player gameplay with AI opponents as well as online multiplayer.

Juno for Youtube

Best Video App

Juno is an application that lets you watch YouTube videos in a native interface on the Vision Pro. This platform supports features such as aspect ratio detection, resizing the video, dimming your room around the video, and changing the speed of your YouTube videos.


Best Entertainment

Max is an application by Warner Media that allows you to stream from HBO and the DC Universe. Watch iconic shows such as the Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Succession as well as select NBA, NHL, and March Madness games right from the comfort of your headset.


Best Meditation

Mindfulness is a meditation application developed by Apple that provides different experiences on the Vision Pro: Breathe, Reflect, and State of Mind. The meditative experiences have different features including logging your emotions and daily moods, written prompts that guide you, and haptics to control your breath.

Piano: Flowing Tiles

Best Piano

Flowing Tiles is an application that allows you to play the piano on the Vision Pro. The experience is similar to that of Guitar Pro where there are falling notes that you have to hit a the right time. It’s beginner-friendly, has a diverse music library, and allows you to import any piano MIDI file from the internet.

Super Fruit Ninja

Best Original Game

Super Fruit Ninja is a fruit-slicing application designed by the same studio that released Fruit Ninja. The game is based on the iconic Fruit Ninja app with 4 different modes in which you can slice fruits. You can now experience the original characters in an immersive spatial environment!

Wisp World

Best AI Companion

Wisp World is an AI-powered pet simulator application that allows you to nurture your own forest spirit. You can talk with your pet, experience its habitat grow as you talk, and move particles around in the spatial environment of the Apple Vision Pro.

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